BLOG – Telemetry, monitoring and control systems

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Vibration control in construction projects

There are numerous sources of noise and vibration in any construction project, from small hand tools, to large machinery such as drills, pile drivers, excavators and lorries. There are different types of regulations, both national and local, which establish maximum authorised levels to ensure that such noise and vibration does not harm the environment. Continue reading

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Expressway construction monitoring in China

NIHON KASETSU Japan implemented a complete telemetric monitoring and control system in October 2016 for a major construction project in China. What was different about the project was that it required a system which was extremely robust, reliable and above all versatile; this was because of both the difficulties of the terrain and the variety of requirements demanded from the system by the final customer. Continue reading

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Air pollutants

Air pollution is caused by the emission to the atmosphere of certain substances which, alone or through chemical reaction, can damage human health and the environment.

The single pollutants causing most damage to ecosystems, human health and materials are nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3), ground level ozone and airborne fine dust, known as particulate matter (PM). Continue reading